Authentic. Precision.

At Malone Digital, we seamlessly blend authenticity with precision.

Our audio archaeologists uncover the unique qualities that imbued historical sound recordings with character, and pair that with state-of-the-art 21st century technology.

In a nutshell, we offer the ultimate combination of the past and present, delivering the finest that both worlds have to offer.

Reverently restored, meticulously mixed, and methodically mastered audio.

Ignite emotions, feel the music.

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Our Specialities

Audio Restoration

Restoration of degraded audio signal (analog or digital drop-outs, impaired signal, loss of fidelity through wear, etc).

Careful removal of musicians' bumps, clicks, pops, and other non-musical sounds.

Declicking and decrackling of audio sourced from vinyl, acetate (lacquer) discs, or wax cylinders.

‘Unpotting’ of audio derived from dialogue, music, and effects (D/M/E) elements to undo and reverse out up-and-down volume changes built into source material.

Pitch adjustments (for audio recorded or reproduced at an incorrect speed).

Correction of azimuth (group delay time alignment) errors.

Minimisation of 'wow' and 'flutter' (speed irregularities manifesting as pitch oscillations caused by uneven media shrinkage, eccentricity, or mechanical error).

Mixing and Editing

Mix-down of multi-track material to two-track stereo for CD, vinyl LP record, or digital (iTunes, Spotify, etc.) release.

Recreation of historical commercial stereo (or mono) mixes from multi-track material by respecting original engineering intentions.

Editing and sequencing of programme material.


Mastering activities inclusive of equalisation, leveling, dynamics processing, and track spacing. 

Preparation of DDPs for CD plant replication or file-sets for vinyl LP record pressing. (DDPs are fully manufacturing ready and can include ISRC System and UPC codes as well as CD text.)

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